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Saved Search Option Now Available with Storacall

Headphones Hanging In Empty OfficeHaving rolled out a new upgrade, Storacall has said that their ST call recording solutions now include an option to save searches. With call centres needing to focus on time management if they are to maximise efficiency and optimise consumer care, being able to easily utilise pre-determined search criteria could save a lot of time for back office administrators.

Telephone answering services often have to regularly repeat searches within the same criteria. To address the issue of the wasted time and resources as a result of inputting search categories, Storacall now allows users to save criteria for later use, whether this is based on extensions, a group of call centre agents, telephone numbers or specific times and dates.

As an example, brands might want to bring up a search enquiry of all mobile, landline and work-phone contacts for a particular customer. If this search is likely to be required again in the future, users can simply save the criteria. Similarly, all the calls a single agent has taken can be searched for and then saved, allowing for a simple date change when repeatedly used to bring up data sets for various periods.

Storacall has enabled the search so that each save is unique to the user, attaching to their login for easy reference. Searches can be recalled simply and at any time, with parameters easily changed if required. For call centre staff who spend a lot of time conducting searches, having the ability to save criteria for later use should save a lot of time.

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