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Save call centre data with backups

In the modern era, companies are reliant on technology for many day-to-day operations. Digital data has become the norm, outdating traditional pen and paper practices. However, if call centres want to safeguard themselves against disaster, it is crucial to have backups in place.

For telephone answering services, a number of disasters can be avoided simply by having backup procedures in place. Contact information and call recording history are just two valuable sets of information that could be lost if a server is breached and backups aren’t in place.

Ofcom requires call detail records to be kept, with call centres breaching laws if information is lost; firms dealing with a breach might also have to pay fines and penalties. In addition, losing call records means customer insights are also lost; this could have a negative effect on consumer care and result in missed opportunities.

Regular data backups also provide welcome relief if a server runs out of memory. Busy call centres can generate millions of call recordings and database entries every week. Therefore, it is vital for companies to stay on top of the demands on their technology or risk having a server failure because there is no additional memory. In such cases, new information can’t be stored. Having a backup means that historical information could be wiped to make room without businesses worrying they’re losing essential data.

All modern firms need to have backup procedures in place. By protecting data, firms can focus on growth and profit instead of backroom administration.

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