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Sales calls remain badly researched

salesAt some stage, most telephone answering services will make sales calls, even if it’s simply upselling via an existing call. However, new research has discovered that up to 60 per cent of sales calls are badly researched, placing call centres in a bad position in terms of lead generation and successful sales.

New data from Opinion Matters shows that if sales teams are to become more successful, it is vital to incorporate data-driven insights, customisation, and familiarity into the sales call package. The analysis of 910 employees who deal with business sales showed that just five minutes of consumer research before any engagement starts can increase productivity. Despite this fact, the majority of respondents admitted leads were poorly researched.

It was also found that sales content and timing matter. Content has to be correct if agents are to follow through with sales. However, researching primetime interaction periods can significantly boost performance. The afternoon was found to the best time, but 88 per cent of prospects agreed that if a set time was agreed upon, they would be more open to talking with agents and potentially buying products and services.

Jonathan Gale, an expert in the industry and chief executive of NewVoiceMedia who shared Opinion Matters’ data, said: “We have entered a new era of sales that requires a more intelligent and genuine approach to engaging and connecting with today’s customers and prospects. Despite the increased access to customer data, this research highlights gaps between what sales teams are capable of doing and how they’re actually executing on these strategies.”

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