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Sales call confidence vital for call centres

Most call centres deal with some form of sales, whether this is active outbound selling or utilising incoming traffic for the up-selling of other products and services.  This means that telephone answering services must ensure that agents have sales confidence when talking to customers so they can effectively turn traffic into profit.

There are several methods to improve sale confidence, and it is essential that agents are allowed to go off their script.  Being able to offer consumers a consultative sales approach allows a customised experience, giving callers a bespoke and positive experience.  This means that call centre staff must have the ability to consult and should be taught accordingly.  Personal confidence often plays an important role in this, so it is vital to equip employees with the right skills.

There is a lot more to sales confidence than meets the eye, and telephone answering services staff need to have belief, experience and customer knowledge if they are to sell properly.  In addition, it is vital for agents to have information on products, competition and the selling process so that they can tailor calls appropriately to a customer’s questions and needs.

Call centres can be complex in their procedures, and it is vital the executives take the time to inform staff about products and ensure that, when the time comes, individual agents are ready to make those all important sales.

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