GoResponse Telephone Answering Service Staff

Rewards for call centre staff

It can be difficult to keep call centre staff motivated but there are a number of reward options that can help to achieve this.  Recognising the hard work that telephone answering service staff put in is important as it can help to keep motivation high and will result in loyal and hardworking staff.  Staff retention levels will be high and there will be a better all round performance from the team as they will want to achieve.

Instant recognition can be very important as it is considered to be worth more to the staff than recognition schemes that reward staff later on.  When recognition is left for too long, call centre staff can actually become disillusioned with the work and will lose motivation.  Planning to achieve this type of recognition is important.  Rewards schemes can be adapted to suit different teams that may have different roles in the workplace.

Any rewards schemes need to be consistent.  If there is a hit and miss approach, then staff will no longer believe that the scheme has any worth.  When operating a rewards scheme it is important to do this publicly so that everyone can see the achievements of their colleagues and this will help to keep motivation high.  It is also important to be imaginative with the type of reward that is handed out.  Choose something a little different and it will help to keep the staff interested.

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