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Revolutionise omnichannel with Genesys replacement solution

Customer RepresentativeGenesys is offering call centres a new replacement solution to help organisations develop their omnichannel experiences. The offer has been made to users of Alcatel Lucent, Unify, Aspect and Avaya. This means that companies will be able to meet the increasingly high demands of their customers better and keep people coming back to their brand time and time again.

In the digital and mobile era, consumers want to contact telephone answering services on more platforms than ever. Traditional telephone communication has been joined by the likes of social networking, email, webchat and even video calls, with many customers wanting to be able to utilise any number of channels for the same query. To meet these demands, call centres must diversify their channels and create an omnichannel, allowing agents and customers to move seamlessly between one medium and the next.

The new Genesys Omnichannel Engagement Centre Solution provides a way for firms to provide better customer experiences through the use of a single, scalable platform. A customer journey timeline, integrated workforce management and interaction analytics, meanwhile, help to ensure people receive personalised and optimised service.

Genesys President Tom Eggemeier said: “Many organisations are realising that omnichannel is now a business imperative and their legacy call centre infrastructure poses significant challenges to serving customers seamlessly in their preferred digital channels with full life-cycle context. The Genesys Omnichannel Engagement Centre Solution offers customers an easier, more effective way to modernise their systems and deliver powerful omnichannel experiences.”

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