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Reshoring a continuous trend for Britain

UK FlagThe call centre industry is notorious for outsourcing work to foreign shores. However, over the past few years, an increasing number of companies have been bringing work back home, offering thousands of jobs across the UK and enabling British customers to reach agents whose first language is English. Whilst outsourcing remains an effective cost-cutting method, cloud computing models mean that utilising telephone answering services on UK soil can also save money.

In a new breakdown of offshoring and reshoring trends, expert Darren Deehan explained there are many reasons for bringing work back to the UK. First, reshoring has been shown to boost domestic work opportunities, with 80,000 manufacturing jobs created in the US alone across three years after government policy encouraged companies to bring jobs home. In comparison, the past three years have also seen one in six British firms reshore their production.

Elsewhere, offshoring work has contributed to falls in customer satisfaction, which is a dire result for many companies. The modern day is all about the consumer, with high levels of customer care required. Despite many offshore workers being extremely good at their jobs, a lot of UK consumers prefer to speak to someone who is British.

Over the coming years, it is likely that government will take steps to encourage reshoring initiatives. This means that businesses that want to outsource their call centre work can look closer to home. Although this could initially be more expensive, firms are likely to see gains in consumer service whilst saving money with newer business services.

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