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Rescue text-based customer services with automated and assisted processes

call CentreText-based engagement is one of the newest go-to technologies for call centres to use. However, data shows that many UK brands are failing to maximise their text customer services. For example, 60 per cent of firms take more than 24 hours to answer an email, with 8 per cent taking longer than a week to get back to people. This is unacceptable in the modern day, and telephone answering services must correct this behaviour immediately.

One of the best ways to turn around failing text-based customer care is to ensure there are automated and assisted responses. The ability to engage with customers quickly is essential when using platforms such as Twitter or turning to email. By using the right software, call centres can identify enquiries by specific keywords. This means automated responses can be sent or queries can be funnelled into the correct support channel.

Modern technology provides agents with simple and quick ways to provide immediate responses to customers. Support can be personalised too, helping to engage with consumers. This personalisation goes further than people’s names and birthdays; having access to related interactions and customer history gives agents the best opportunity to provide excellent care.

Meanwhile, self-service options accessed via automated responses has been proven to reduce workloads by more than 60 per cent. This frees up more time to deal with complex enquiries, allowing call centres to optimise their performance and care.

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