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Report published on nuisance calls

Reducing the amount of nuisance calls has never been more important for call centres, particularly with customer services becoming such a hot topic.  Now, the Culture Media and Sport Committee have released a new report recommending a number of steps to tackle the issue.

For any telephone answering services, it is important to keep dropped and nuisance calls to a minimum.  However, it seems many companies are not aware of this, and in March 2013, the number of nuisance calls peaked at 35,000 for the month.  Many experts had been looking forward to the latest report, and there were high hopes that the Committee would make some real headway into solving the problem.

Included in the report’s recommendations is that the Information Commissioners Office and Ofcom need to increasingly step in and take action against nuisance caller offenders.  This could include the dismissal of calls for single regulators and a ban on cold calling.  The report also suggests that rules of consent and data handling rules are clarified, whilst the power to impose fines and penalties on those who breach regulations should be used in greater number.

Despite the outline, many believe the Committee has not gone far enough.  The Fair Telecoms Campaign’s David Hickson, said: “The report notes the failure of the current regulatory regime, much of which is inherent in the essential nature of the bodies involved.  It also fails to recognise that this demands a radically new approach.”

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