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Report highlights poor wages for call centre agents

New data has shown that many call centre agents are not paid nearly enough when their job responsibilities and performance are taken into account.  FuturePeople have produced a report called “Looking to the future: the 2013 Contact Centre Trend, Salary and Leadership,” which showed that major changes within the telephone answering services industry are anticipated for the future.

In people’s responses to how the call centre environment would change, 40% suggested that the rising use of a multichannel approach means that more agents will need to change their skillset.  Meanwhile, 87% of individuals said that emotional intelligence-related expertise is also going to be needed.  Chief Executive of FuturePeople, Linda Simonsen, said the results from their poll clearly show that call centres are becoming more complex, with agents needing emotional intelligence skills and higher pay rates as a result.

“What we’re seeing here is the agent of the future will be both multichannel and emotionally intelligent.  They’re not just masters of engaging through technology, they’re masters of reading and interacting with people,” Ms Simonsen said.  She added that current levels of pay would have to increase significantly if the right candidates are to be found.


With increasing complexity on the cards, many companies may find that they need to outsource telephone answering services work instead of trying to handle it in-house.  For those outsourcers, higher rates of pay are likely to be needed.

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