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Reinvent quality management using the cloud

Quality ManagementOver the past few years, the cloud has proven that it offers many advantages to companies, allowing firms to optimise their processes, enjoy increased efficiency and find welcome success. For call centres that are in dire need of overhauling their quality management (QM), turning to the cloud could be the ideal solution.

QM has remained in a bubble for years despite the fact that the business world around it has changed immensely. Traditionally, controlling quality was achieved by focusing only on solid performance targets. However, this “tick-box” approach is no longer possible, with team-based culture and customer experience taking precedence over metrics, sales volume and other factors. As telephone answering services move toward a value-based system, it is important to reinvent QM so that it can continue to align itself with modern business principles.

One way to bring about this reinvention is by using cloud computing. The latest cloud solutions for call centres can quickly simplify any QM programme. Calls can be recorded for an overview of the end-to-end experience, whilst post-call surveys can be introduced to find out how customers really feel. In addition, detailed reports can be automatically generated so that all feedback can be viewed in a simple way to improve decision-making.

For QM to work, it needs to catch up to modern changes and work alongside the latest tools and technology. By implementing a new approach to QM, call centres can benefit from happy customers, satisfied staff and healthier profits.

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