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Regulatory change means digital channels could provide better sales leads

sales leadsRegulations governing call centres have changed significantly over the years, with Ofcom revealing that some 4.8 billion nuisance calls are received by UK consumers every year. Furthermore, there are 200 million abandoned calls, 940 million recorded messages, 1.7 billion sales calls and 1.5 billion silent calls. Ofcom received 44,900 complaints for the year to October 2015, so telephone answering services must ensure they do not fall foul of the rules. Turning to digital channels could make a big difference.

With a zero tolerance policy toward any telephone contact deemed a nuisance, it is vital for call centres to seek legal, non-offensive methods of contacting consumers. Even if brands are not actively outbound dialling, there is still the need to let consumers know about products, services or suitable upgrades. This can be achieved using the modern omnichannel experience to boost consumer care, and one particularly useful method is two-way text messaging.

Research by mobilesquared reveals that 33.67 million consumers have opted in to hear from brands via text messages in 2016 alone. This figure equates to around 52 per cent of Britain’s population. There are also cost benefits to SMS chat as it is 75 per cent cheaper than a telephone call.

In a world of digital messaging and smartphones, turning to SMS content instead of outbound dialling could be an ideal solution for call centres. Not only is it cheaper, but it could be better for brand images and it can include easy opt-out functions. It can also protect organisations from Ofcom regulatory changes.

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