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Reframe AHT use for better business

Business Acronym AHT Average Handling TimeThere was once a time when Average Handling Time (AHT) was one of the call centre industry’s most-used metric. However, as the era of customer service has evolved, it has become essential to focus on consumer care quality rather than simply getting people off the phone as quickly as possible. To accomplish this, telephone answering services need to reframe how AHT is used.

AHT remains important and should not be thrown out altogether. However, agent productivity is not solely calculated using the number of calls they get through. To understand how to reframe AHT, it is necessary to identify the meaning of “I” in the term “KPI”. Here, I is an indicator and not always a metric. When AHT is set as an agent metric, call centres create a system wherein workers are frantically trying to move through calls as quickly as possible, and this is likely to have a negative effect on service quality. Instead, AHT could be set as a KPI.

The moment firms start using AHT as a KPI, they can gain a better understanding of how to organically boost productivity. For example, many factors can affect AHT, including service protocols, quality guidelines, and learning and development initiatives. Focusing attention on these areas and changing them for the better can help improve AHT as an indicator.

Overall, shifting agents to an AHT indicator can help employees feel more in control of their work and boost care quality, making this an essential step for modern call centres to take.

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