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Reducing repeat calls is good for business

IVRAlthough some call centre metrics have dwindled in importance over the past few years, First Call Resolution (FCR) remains an essential data set. By ensuring that calls are dealt with immediately, telephone answering services can satisfy their consumers’ needs whilst reducing repeat calls, thereby saving time and money for the business.

Studies into repeat calls have found that this form of unnecessary contact boosts call centre volumes, resulting in higher staff requirements. In addition, 10 per cent of customers will look to competitors when they are disappointed with poor service. This means that if people have to call a company more than once about the same issue, there is an issue that must be dealt with.

There are several ways to tackle this problem. First, before finishing a call, it is vital for agents to ask customers whether their questions have been answered and if there is anything else they can help them with. Executives can also listen to escalation calls and establish where the breakdown in communication occurred. By doing this, new processes and advice can be put into practice. Finally, satisfaction surveys can be emailed or sent via text people.

If businesses and positive branding are to thrive, call centres must do all they can to avoid repeat calls. This will benefit the company as well as consumers.

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