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Reducing customer efforts leads to decline in complaints

telephone212.1Regardless of what a call centre does, complaints are likely to occur from time to time. Agents have to be expertly trained to deal with these issues, helping to turn negative customer problems into positive experiences. Now, it has been revealed that if telephone answering services can reduce customer effort, they are likely to see a drop in complaints as a result.

Generally, most consumers actually expect problems and glitches to occur from time to time. After all, nothing can be seamless 24/7. However, the way that companies deal with these issues is extremely important. For example, if consumers face frustration in getting through to agents and have to spend a large amount of time fixing problems, a minor glitch can turn into a major complaint. On the other hand, by making the complaints procedure as simple as possible, companies can actually impress their customers with fast turnarounds and helpful advice.

For example, if a faulty payment system is noted by an energy company, it is best to contact people first and let them know instead of waiting for the customers to realise it on their own. By pre-empting potential customer backlash, the energy firm can reduce call centre traffic while showing consumers they care.

In the modern era, customer service is everything, particularly because it is so easy for consumers to switch to alternate products and services. By reducing customer effort as much as possible, major complaints can be avoided.

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