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Reducing background noise an important priority for call centres

There is nothing worse than contacting a telephone answering service only to have the line polluted by background noise. Not only can it make holding a conversation difficult, but it might seem unprofessional, instantly casting a company in a bad light. For this reason, it is essential for call centres to reduce external noises to maximise customer care.

Luckily, there is wide variety of ideas to reduce background noise. First, investing in good quality headphones is important. This provides agents with a clearer channel to talk to customers, with many headsets intentionally developed to cancel outside noise. Altering the workspace is also a good idea, and using cubicles with padded sides can help absorb excess noise and create a quieter environment.

In addition to taking physical steps, instilling certain work ethics in agents’ minds can help. For example, instead of calling across the office to one another, employees should be encouraged to email. Call recordings can be played back to agents to highlight just how problematic background noise can be and help people understand the need for quiet. In addition, same-shift agents can be seated together so there is as little disruption as possible as employees come and go.

Reducing background noise might not seem like a top priority, but it can aid customer services and speed calls by eradicating the need to repeat information. As such, call centres wanting to optimise operations need to pay close attention to noise levels in the working environment.

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