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Reducing average handling time remains important

800px-Clock-longtimeDespite many call centres shifting their focus to customer care, ensuring that all business processes are as streamlined and efficient as possible remains important. This means that average handling time (AHT) is still a vital metric for telephone answering services to use, and reducing it should be part of any operational evolution.

There are a number of ways that call centres can reduce AHT. First, to ensure that agents have enough time to deal with callers, it can be useful to automate simpler processes with self-help menus. This can reduce overall traffic. In addition, with the focus having to remain on consumer care, firms should try to reduce after-call work (ACW) instead of trying to cut customer conversations short.

When speaking with customers, one process agents can use is the “acknowledge, answer, ask” approach. With this method, agents first acknowledge why their caller is making contact. They then positively answer any questions people might have before asking questions that help to resolve the issue.

First contact resolution should be the aim for all calls. This provides customers with a positive experience whilst also freeing up time that might otherwise be spent dealing with one customer but spanning multiple contacts.

Finally, it is important to gain agent feedback. By asking workers which improvements would help the overall consumer experience whilst driving down AHT, call centres can overhaul operations for future streamlined performance.

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