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Reduce white noise in call centres for best customer experience

Call centres have a vital role to play in business, and British individuals still prefer to call a telephone answering service than use any other means of communication; however, with dozens of agents all working in a small area, background noise can sometimes become a problem, resulting in agents having to raise their voices. This can be perceived as rude by callers, so it is vital to ensure that agents can be heard.

Utilising call centres remains the preferable way for consumers to chat with companies. Though webchat, email and social networking offer multiple forms of contact, speaking to an agent still comes top of the list. With many agents all chatting on the phone in a small area, however, there is obviously going to be some sound; too much sound quickly becomes a problem, as employees have to talk louder to be heard. During a phone conversation with customers, particularly if callers are already annoyed, raised voices can come across as disrespectful.

One of the best ways to reduce sound is to utilise noise-cancelling headsets to try to keep background noise to an absolute minimum. This allows agents to become engaged with callers without having to raise their voice. By ensuring that a conversation can continue in a friendly, professional and helpful manner, a better quality of customer service can be offered to consumers seeking help with products or services.

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