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Reduce queuing times in three easy steps

Call CentreLengthening queue times can be an ongoing issue for call centres. Their customer services might be amazing, but if telephone answering services don’t actually get consumers through to agents quickly enough, a sour taste could be left in people’s mouths. Luckily, there are a number of ways to tackle queue times, including call-backs, high demand period identification, and utilising a time-shift technique.

One of the most common ways to tackle queues is by offering people a call-back. This provides callers with the option to select a company to call them back at a later time, thereby allowing them to put the phone down and get on with their day. For businesses, it reduces the number of people waiting and allows agents to make calls during low-demand periods.

It is also vital for call centres to analyse historic data to identify when their peak periods occur. Once these are known, a higher number of agents can be utilised to cater for the growing traffic, whether this is daily, monthly, or even seasonally.

Finally, utilising the time-shift technique can be a good idea for many companies. Over the course of a day, customer demand is likely to fluctuate immensely, making it difficult to get the levels of staff correct. By offering call-backs, the time-shift option can be employed, allowing agents to contact customers during low demand periods, thereby creating a more constant workload across a call centre.

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