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Reduce call centre costs with SaaS

0 OTIyMDExMzE4OC5qcGc=An expert in the call centre industry has revealed how using Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) can help reduce the costs of scheduling. Paul Stitt says that by using the technology correctly, telephone answering services can significantly reduce their running expenses.

Even though the modern digital era is upon us, many call centres still utilise Erlang calculators and spreadsheets to work out schedules, with resource planners working long hours to try and forecast and meet scheduling needs. Scheduling is extremely important; too few staff will cause customer services to suffer, whilst having too many agents leads to overstaffing costs. Maintaining an occupancy rate of around 80 per cent facilitates high retention rates and keeps Average Speed of Answer (ASA) and Average Handling Time (AHT) metrics consistent.

Each year, the industry spends 7 per cent of its total expenditure on recruitment; this is an unneeded cost if scheduling is conducted efficiently. This is why utilising SaaS and a workforce management (WFM) tool is so important. However, because many WFM solutions come with a six-figure price tag, there is often unsurprising resistance from call centres to invest.

This is where SaaS can help, offering affordable WFM tools at a fraction of the traditional cost. There is also no need for long-term contracts and no upfront costs for hardware, implementation and training. Therefore, for clients who want to save money and move to an efficient WFM tool, cloud computing is the ideal solution.


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