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Reduce call centre absence by contacting staff regularly

Absence can be a big problem in a call centre environment.  With reduced staff numbers, queuing times for call traffic can often increase, drawing down the positive experience for customers and resulting in agents becoming overworked.  For telephone answering services who want to reduce absence rates, staying in regular contact with those off sick is a good idea.

All too often, when people are ill, they make a single call before their shift starts and then hear nothing until they are well enough to come back to work.  For call centre managers who want to reduce sickness leave and ensure that services are running as efficiently as possible, it is a good idea to stay in contact with ill employees.  Phoning someone off sick at a later stage in the day is a good idea, and not only shows that managers care, but offers incentives for people to come back to work.

This technique can also work for those who may not have a virus, but who might be hungover after a long weekend.  In a lot of cases, employees feel that they have to take Tuesday off as well to make their illness look genuine.  However, by calling employees late on Monday afternoon to check on how they feel, managers can encourage people to come back to work the following day.

It is important to keep absence rates as low as possible if call centres are to work to maximum efficiency.  By taking the time to show care for employees, sick time can be reduced.

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