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Reduce absenteeism to boost efficiency

Staffing Signs Groups Employees Human Resources Finding WorkersAbsenteeism can be a major hurdle to call centres. With agents being the frontline of customer services, any gaps in the workforce can have a negative knock-on effect on an entire operation. This is why telephone answering services must work to reduce the number of absent staff members, thereby boosting efficiency and giving themselves a better chance of providing consistent consumer care.

The call centre industry has an estimated annual attrition rate of between 20 and 30 per cent. This costs a lot in terms of lost hours and the expense of additional recruitment and training. By analysing agents, companies can often identify the potential for absenteeism and take steps to stop it.

It is vital to look for call avoidance incidents. Employees likely to be absent show distinct behaviour, including excessive outbound calling before breaks, unscheduled time away from their desks, and bad customer feedback surveys. By acting on these behaviours quickly, problems can be nipped in the bud. Although not everyone will respond positively to direct feedback, training and motivating agents can give them renewed drive and reduce attrition rate as a result. It’s also worth asking employees what they would like to see to encourage attendance as this can identify frustrations in a workforce.

Reducing absenteeism is essential if firms want to grow a workforce of dedicated and high performing agents. Many hurdles can be overcome by finding and resolving problems early.

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