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Reduce absence with seven-point system

Absence can cost call centres a lot of money. It is unavoidable at times, with employees taking holiday, becoming sick or attending meetings, but lower numbers of agents at the helm can make scheduling a challenge. This is especially true if absences occur at the last minute. For telephone answering services that are attempting to reduce this issue, using a seven-point system can help.

First, existing policies should be reviewed to ensure they are up-to-date and all employees understand them. Then, calibration sessions should be held to ensure that various managers can identify how the policy is being used and applied. Managers need to be supported in their endeavours to reduce absence levels, especially when they are unsure what to do.

A clear reporting system should be introduced to easily identify overall absence levels if one is not already in place. Absence reasons should also be tracked, whether it is maternity leave, unpaid leave, short-term sick leave, or some other reason. Numbers should not only be reported as a count of people but also the full-time equivalent and a percentage.

Call centres should review the back-to-work interview process and support managers conducting these meetings. Finally, businesses need to ensure there is responsibility and accountability across all levels.

Absence can lead to a significant amount of lost money for businesses. Even though much of it is impossible to avoid, unnecessary gaps in staffing should be kept to a minimum. This not only helps lower expenditure but can also result in better consumer care and scheduling practices.

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