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Recognition is essential for agent motivation

Call centreFor telephone answering services, keeping agents motivated can help boost productivity and decrease attrition rates. The mantra that says “a happy workforce is a productive workforce” certainly applies to the call centre industry, and positive agents can provide better customer services. Increasing motivation can be challenging, especially in an environment where different people want different things. For example, not all agents will respond the same way to financial incentives. One important way to boost morale is through the use of recognition.

To feel valued, most people want to have their successes recognised. This is important in the workplace, where congratulating someone on a job well done can have an extremely positive effect. Conversely, reviewing poor performances is also essential. However, the manner in which these responses are given should vary, with businesses rewarding employees publicly whilst reviewing bad performances in private.

Call centres that want to effectively recognise employees need to develop a structured system with achievable goals so that any agent, new or old, can easily aspire to succeed. The power of public rewards should never be underestimated. Leader boards are often utilised for contact centres, with those in front finding a competitive edge as they try to make it to the top. However, for those who are lower down, it is vital to address issues away from the office floor.

Recognising good performances is an extremely important part of workforce management. It will boost productivity and make people feel more valued. By privately coaching those who are not succeeding, all staff members can be helped to achieve their goals.

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