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Recession still blamed for poor sales

RecessionA new survey has shown that 70 per cent of sales people say the recession is still accounting for poor sales. The data was part of the Misery Index, a figure created by economist Arthur Okun. The metric is at an all-time low, which suggests that many people are living the past instead of focussing on the fact that the British economy is growing and consumer confidence is gaining. As a result, many businesses could be failing to maximise their potential.

For call centres that might be plagued by falling sales, it is important to recognise that the economy can no longer be used as an excuse. For some, it might be time to utilise outsourced telephone answering services, where agents are expertly trained to suit both their client and customer.

One of the most important aspects of sales in the modern day is research, and by fully understanding prospects, agents are more likely to be successful. This is why having a single customer view is becoming increasingly important, allowing individuals not only to help people with their queries but also to gain the potential for up-selling. By knowing someone’s past purchases, for example, an agent is in a better position to identify future needs.

For firms that wish to maximise their sales, the recession can no longer be blamed. Instead, managers need to address agents’ efforts, attitudes and application if targets are to be attained.

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