GoResponse Telephone Answering Service Staff

Reception services for busy offices

You can’t always be available to answer the phone when it rings, you might be in a meeting, you might be away from your desk or you might be away from the office on a business trip.

If you have a small company you might not be able to rely on anyone else to answer your calls when you’re not there. However, missing a call can lose you important business, as a customer may be calling you for a quote or to use your services. If you are not available to take the call when the phone rings, you may lose the customer.

If you use a telephone answering service to take your calls when you are not available, you will be able to rely on a ‘real’ person to take a message. Many people do not like speaking into an answering machine and will simply hang up as soon as they hear “leave your message after the tone”.

A telephone answering service can act as a virtual receptionist and can offer 24/7 call response with email or SMS forwarding of messages. They can also reduce your costs at times of peak demand and can increase the productivity of your business as you will never miss a lead.

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