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Reassess training to ensure agent engagement

Telephone ServiceTraining and education is an ongoing process for call centres that want to optimise their employees and get the best performance possible. However, sometimes things can go wrong. In such cases, telephone answering services need to look at ways to ensure that education is having the right effect and agents can excel in their position.

One of the most important things for team leaders and managers to do is ensure that people actually understand what they’ve been taught. It is useless to send agents on a course if they don’t understand how to apply it to their working day. Whilst multiple-choice questionnaires are a good way to discover if people have learned the information, they do little to identify whether workers actually understood it.

Meanwhile, it is also important for call centres to ensure they are putting tools and resources to the right use. Intranets, for example, can be a great place for excellent and high quality content. However, it’s vital for executives to get feedback to ensure agents are actually benefiting from the information and not struggling to read and learn everything.

Finally, call centres should use employee assessments to highlight knowledge gaps. By applying assessments to on-the-job situations, managers can find out people’s strengths and weaknesses so they can utilise training accordingly. By maximising the efficiency of training, agents can be moulded to perform better and more consistently than ever before.

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