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Real-time visual solution launched by SJS

Flat vector illustration of web analytics information and development website statisticModern call centres rely on having the right technology, and new solutions mean that businesses can draw more insights from data than ever before. Now, SJS Solutions has a developed a tool that makes gaining real-time visual communications easier than ever.

SJS is one the world leaders in visual communications products, and many telephone answering services utilise their products as a way to optimise business process and facilitate better decision making. New data connectors have now been launched for their Optymyse solution, integrating it with Unified Contact Centre Enterprise, Zendesk, Cisco Unified Contact Centre Express and Kayako. The solution itself is a wall data display that simplifies information into an easy-to-read visual format. It runs off of data such as agent scorecards, CRM, customer feedback and support ticket data.

SJS Chief Executive Stephen Pace said that call centres that want to give great customer service need to have the right data at their disposal and must be able to access it in a simple way from any device.

He said: “The latest version of Optymyse enables a seamless solution for companies wanting to draw any amount of customer service data from any source and display it in front of the people that need it most in the contact centre,” he added.

In the latest upgrade, a variety of new Optymyse data connectors are available, along with a new API that provides businesses with a way to include an unlimited amount of customer sentiment, business intelligence and customer services information in their on-screen visualisations.

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