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Real-time journey mapping enabled by NICE

Map & CompassNICE Systems have revealed a new tool that will enable their customers to access journey mapping in real time. This should give telephone answering services greater insights into their consumers’ routes, whether they are purchasing products and services or getting in touch with enquiries. Voice of the Customer (VoC) feedback and predictive analytics will also be gained.

Having insights into customer behaviour is important for call centres that are trying to adapt to meet people’s needs. By identifying how individuals feel throughout their journey, companies can gain the power to change problematic areas and reduce overall customer effort. This, in turn, can boost retention rates and provide a more positive experience.

NICE Journey VoC utilises journey mapping and voice of the customer technologies to help firms reach out to customers who could be considering moving to a competitor. Jeremy Cox, Ovum Research’s principal analyst, explained how such tools can be extremely useful. “By linking the entire customer journey with a robust voice-of-the-customer programme, organisations can identify systemic weaknesses that must be addressed in order to refine the customer experience continuously. This is achieved by gathering and analysing data in a way that provides a more comprehensive view of the customer profile and experience.”

Providing good customer service is crucial for modern call centres, and real-time solutions such as this new tool from NICE Systems can be invaluable. By identifying customers who are at risk of defecting, organisations can offer a better service and boost their bottom line.

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