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Rapport building an important tool for agents

Time and time again, call centre agents are hearing just how important it is to provide outstanding customer care. This involves personalising calls, getting technology in place to facilitate good service and building rapport with customers. The latter is something that agents can’t always learn, but for telephone answering services that want to optimise their workers, giving employees the tools to create good rapport is essential.

Fundamentally, rapport is built on like and respect. Whilst having a chat and being friendly and polite are good ways to ingratiate consumers, respect needs to be added in if real rapport is to be grown. Luckily, there are a few simple ways to include this aspect into conversations.

One of the easiest ways to passively bring respect into conversations is to remain focussed. Having outside distractions instantly removes the focus on a caller and indicates that agents don’t respect the customers but are simply going through the motions. Once agents are in their imaginary bubble, it is important to listen and write things down if necessary. Little titbits of information often present themselves when agents are concentrating, and by noting these down, a better picture of the consumer can be achieved.

Finally, it is essential that agents are well informed about the products or services they are providing information on. Knowing exactly what they are talking about will earn agents respect from callers and go a long way towards building great rapport.

For call centres that want to optimise their customer care, having real rapport is essential. By teaching agents how to go about this, a better business can be built.

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