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Radical change experienced in call centre outsourcing

Business people with headsets using computers in officeOutsourcing has long been a practical way for many companies to access expert call centre operations. However, a new study shows that the industry is undergoing radical changes, with many firms looking for smaller, niche outsourcers instead of the traditional larger organisations.

The new report from Global Remote Services (GRS) shows that call centre outsourcing is soaring, with volumes now hitting record levels. This is particularly true in Europe, where some volumes are well ahead of those noted in the United States. Further investigation revealed that many outsourcing deals are made so that companies can access niche providers on a short-term basis. In fact, the number of longer-term contracts from large firms is shrinking.

GRS Chief Executive Paolo Marcattilj said: “One of the key factors driving this is brands are aware that customer experience is now the most strategic performance indicator in their call centres so they are expanding the scope of their outsourcing contracts with a wave of new digital technologies and operating models.”

He added that even though long-term contracting with telephone answering services was once considered normal, modern digital strategy means that many companies want shorter, multi-sourcing contracts instead.

The change comes as the shift toward providing an optimised consumer experience continues to be prioritised. In fact, Gartner said that 89 per cent of firms expect their customer experience to be their main competitive differentiator by 2017. Therefore, when selecting outsourcers, it is vital to ensure they have the skills needed to meet today’s consumer demands.

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