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Quarter Three Call Centre and Outsourcing Review

As this year goes for call centres and other outsourcing services, it has been one with quite a few changes.

Firstly, governments in many countries have been implementing changes regarding their budget and their economy in order to solve issues of the previous years. Call centres are being affected by many of the changes. The Indian government has changed its legislation as to what it is willing to export regarding data, due to pressure to increase security. As one of the major changes for Indian outsourcing companies and telephone answering services this has created some concern in the UK about using Indian locations.

Despite some of the worries, there are also positive sides to the year’s changes so far. Costs are still relatively affordable with regards to call centres. They are certainly more efficient and better options for the long term, given their efficiency increases, flexibility and improved quality of service to customers.

The majority of projects are still using a bidding system, where Indian-based companies will submit a bid for the deal based on what they feel is appropriate. These centres do bid with fairness and competitiveness in mind and any client company looking to make savings does have to offer a fair labour price when discussing call centre outsourcing options. It is not just about what the bid from India offers, but also about what a UK company, for example, believes is fair wages given the economy of India or other outsourcing locations.

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