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Put workers at ease for optimal call centre experience

One of the most important aspects of running a call centre is providing good customer service.  Negativity can easily pass to callers indirectly if agents are feeling uncomfortable.  With a new survey finding that 75% of workers in Britain have interpersonal or emotional problems at work, it is vital to ensure that telephone answering services agents are not amongst the percentage.

In a new Jabra UK survey, it was found that many companies are failing to provide a good work experience for their employees, with many people being tired, unhappy and stressed.  In the latest report, it was shown that anxiety or work-related stress was noted by 74.6% of workers.  One of the most common reasons for stress, with 33% of respondents mentioning it, was being undervalued.  Meanwhile, poor interpersonal relationships, stress and anxiety, tiredness and being isolated were revealed by 32%, 29%, 24% and 20% respectively.

Talking of the results, Jabra’s Managing Director of UK & Ireland, Andrew Doyle, said: “Transformation in the workplace is creating entirely new challenges that need to be addressed.  Employers are perhaps focusing too exclusively on the ‘technology’.  Good communications tools do not necessarily make good communications.  What’s more, as we also saw last year, there is a hunger for more flexible and homeworking practices amongst workers.”

For those in the call centre environment, ensuring positivity is vital.  Therefore, if good customer service is to thrive, then agents have to be happy themselves.

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