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Providing exceptional consumer experiences requires personalisation

Side view portrait of business colleagues with headsets using computers at office deskFor call centres across the nation, there is an ongoing battle to keep consumers happy. Customers have higher expectations than ever before and want quicker and more relevant responses to their enquiries. To improve the customer experience, telephone answering services need to utilise big data to add personalisation to the customer experience.

Studies show that more than 90 per cent of the world’s available data was created in the past two years. This means it is relatively up to date, allowing business and brands to glean relevant and current consumer information from it. Call centres can then gain access to better customer insights, allowing them to customise experiences at a personal level.

The Harvard Business Review found that the most commonly cited consumer frustration is when people have to repeat themselves. Outdated user interfaces, old databases and poorly constructed customer relationship management (CRM) systems contribute to this negative experience. These issues can all be fixed, and by making use of the latest information, companies can feed positive consumer data into their solutions to offer bespoke experiences.

With changing consumer behaviour, it is not surprising that call centres need to adapt. The ability to anticipate such trends can put firms in a great position to take advantage of the situation, optimise customer experience and enjoy increasing success, whether that entails boosting a brand image or gaining more revenue. For call centres that want to increase their overall customer care quality levels, introducing a degree of personalisation to processes is essential.

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