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Providing consistency on multichannel operations is essential

Telephone ServiceModern call centres have had to diversify immensely from traditional operations, and now telephone answering services need to include a variety of contact options for consumers. Whilst this began with adding email to telephone and post options, many companies now offer webchat and use platforms such as Twitter and Facebook. However, if firms begin multi-channel operations, it is essential to offer consistency.

Offering customers a variety of ways to contact firms can boost services, but if call centres drop the ball on one platform, consumer care can plummet. For this reason, it is important to ensure that every option available is of high quality and reflects the company’s brand.

A good way to help ensure this consistency lasts is to ask people why they used the channel they did. By gathering knowledge about why people use the options they do, companies can guide consumers to the best channel for their needs. Utilising pre-written messages stored in a system can help as long as they are directed correctly towards consumers, whilst having transparency across departments will ensure that every division can see how multichannel operations are being approached.

Providing a high quality customer service is vital across all platforms to ensure consumers aren’t let down. By being open across a firm, training agents properly, and ensuring there is a knowledge base for each platform, call centres can achieve high consistency of care.


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