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Providing agents with purpose is crucial for staff retention

The call centre industry is notorious for its high staff turnover.  This makes it extremely difficult for many telephone answering services to thrive because no sooner have they trained a high quality customer services agent, than the said staff member quits and moves on.  Retaining staff is crucial if call centres are to become the best services providers possible.  Therefore, by giving agents purpose, employees are given a reason to stay.

Job satisfaction is always likely to be low if people feel that they are simply a cog in a company that never has the chance to speak out or make changes.  By providing people with a sense of camaraderie and business ownership, employees can be encouraged to stay in their positions.  Daniel Pink, an expert in business, said: “High performance is that unseen intrinsic drive, the drive to do things because they matter.”

There are several things that telephone answering services can do to improve performance and provide people with a sense of purpose.  Pink’s “genius hour” is a good step to take.  During this time, agents leave their phones for an hour every week to involve themselves in a think-tank where workflow processes, improvements and other business ideas can be discussed.  Another option is to involve agents in exhibition and advertising days so that they can actually meet current customers.  This has been shown to boost performance as employees are given the chance to actually mingle with the very people they are helping.

Purpose is vital if a business is to succeed, and by allowing agents to influence a business, retention rates can increase and customer services can thrive.

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