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Protect agents from hearing problems

Office black headphones on white keyboardThe call centre can be an extremely busy environment, with dozens of agents working around the clock to answer consumer calls and queries. Constantly speaking to callers can put a strain on people’s voices, and there can also be hearing problems. Therefore, it is essential for telephone answering services to take their agents’ hearing health into consideration and do all they can to ensure agent performance is not negatively impacted.

In general, there are some easy ways to reduce the strain on people’s hearing. In the call centre, background noise should be kept to a minimum, helping agents to hear conversations more easily. Workers’ union Unite said that agents often turn up the volume on their headsets when ambient noises become too high. This can cause all manner of hearing problems, particularly over time. Tinnitus is a common side effect of this behaviour, and with the potential for this condition to become chronic, workers can not only have their work impacted but may even have to leave their positions permanently.

To combat this issue, Unite advises that headphones be kept in optimal working condition, with faulty and old units replaced immediately. They also suggest using hardware that is sensitive to sudden volume spikes and can counteract such spikes to protect people’s ears.

Agents are one of a call centres’ most important resources, so it is essential to preserve people’s health. This not only combats the high attrition levels that the industry is notorious for, but it can also keep workers motivated and productive.

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