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Proactive consumer contact essential for call centres

customer support in call centerWith all the negative talk about cold and nuisance calls, it is not surprising that some telephone answering services feel anxious when reaching out. However, this is a vital part of building a lasting relationship with consumers. Effective consumer contact also creates new business, so call centres must engage this process in a positive way.

Contact from brands is essential to maintain customer awareness and loyalty. For example, if a consumer buys a phone from Brand A, it is important for the company to remain in the customer’s life over the coming years. Otherwise, when the customer decides to buy a phone case from Brand B and is sent regular updates as a result, they may well take out a new phone contract with Brand B instead of renewing with Brand A, who has not contacted them for years.

This type of scenario shows why proactive contact is so important for call centres. There is no need to deluge customers with spam messages and constant contact. However, sending out newsletters, letting people know about new deals, and reaching out to educate customers on the latest products and services is vital to achieve long-term loyalty. The proactive approach goes even further. During a repair, for example, sending people regular status updates keeps customers informed. If a new service has recently been bought, offering additional information such as an FAQ guide via email or letter is ideal.

In an age when the customer is everything, it is important to focus on consumer demands. People do not want nuisance calls. However, they do want to be kept informed and offered choices, deals and news on brands that they have already shown an interest in.



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