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Prioritise self-service options for millennials

MillennialsCall centres have to take generational diversity seriously, and this means catering to each group of people based on their age. Even though there may not be huge variants between some ages, others are very specific in their needs. Those born in the late 1990s and early 2000s, for example, were born into a digital age. This means that millennials have high expectations from telephone answering services, and companies should offer self-service to meet their consumers’ demands.

A study for Amdocs discovered that 91 per cent of people would access an online knowledge base if it had been customised to their needs. Meanwhile, Gartner revealed that it expects two thirds of all customer service engagement to be self-service by 2018.

Self-service options have many advantages, and providing an online knowledge base can reduce call centre traffic and associated costs. In addition, consumers can help themselves whenever they want from wherever they happen to be. One example of this is the Toys “R” Us “Ask Emma” tool. Customers can tap short questions into a webchat-like form, and the virtual assistant will return relevant links.

The idea of self-service goes beyond providing voice interactive menus for customers to find their balance or pay a bill, for example. In the retail sector, where returns can be up to 40 per cent, including returns label in all orders provides a way for consumers to help themselves without having to contact brands for support. In the digital age, this kind of forward thinking is expected of companies, and call centres must offer such support if they wish to win the favour of consumers.

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