GoResponse Telephone Answering Service Staff

Prioritise creativity and values for top customer services

Customers have become the firm focus of many call centres, with businesses recognising the importance of putting people ahead of their company’s operations. However, there are a plethora of methods to bring about a change in consumer care standards, and it can be hard for telephone answering services to determine where they should concentrate their efforts. One area that must be addressed is the conversation between agent and customer. Here, it is important to allow some creativity and get workers to focus on values.

In the past, call centre agents usually followed a very strict script. However, this was far from personable and did not allow for rapport to be built. Over the past few years, the script has waned and has been replaced with pointers or flow charts, helping agents to complete conversations whilst giving them more freedom. In a bid to remove negativity from the workplace, some companies have started to ban certain phrases or words. This is falling into the trap of strict scripting. Instead, brands should look to train agents on core company values.

By developing a strong culture surrounding values and ethics, workers will quickly align themselves with the right way to do and say things, and this applies when they are talking to callers. In addition, providing people with a little freedom and creativity allows for improved relationships to be built with customers. This authenticity can significantly improve consumer care, and it offers call centres a way to really connect with their target audience instead of simply solving problems without strengthening their brand image.

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