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Priorities need to be placed on outbound customer experience

An expert in the call centre industry has said that companies must ensure that customer experience stays at the top of the priority list when conducting outbound call work.  Many telephone answering services ensure that consumer care is optimised for inbound traffic.  However, outbound services are sometimes forgotten and individuals bear the brunt of aggressive marketing campaigns.

Dave Ogden, a call centre consultant, has urged companies to be more respectful of consumers when making outbound calls.  In a new report, Step Change showed that 26 million adults received unsolicited texts and calls, with 86% of people wanting some form of cold caller protection.  Unsurprisingly, aggressive marketing strategies do not result in good success rates either, with only 3% of people questioned even tempted by a cold caller’s offer.

One of the worst niches affecting consumers is the payday loans sectors that have followed accident and PPI claims firms in ramping up their efforts to contact consumers via telephone and by text.  High levels of silent and abandoned calls, in addition to unsolicited marketing campaigns, continue to harass consumers across Britain.

As far as the call centre industry is concerned, Mr Ogden has called for companies to be more careful with their customer care and ensure they do not create a negative view of the entire industry.  For those firms making outbound calls, ensuring that consumers are respected is crucial.

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