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Preferred accents for call centres revealed

Here at GoResponse we are an internationally acclaimed call centre, managing to maintain our position as one of the leading call centres in Europe year after year. From our 24 hour office support to our call handling and diary management, these are just some of the many call centre services we are able to offer our clients.

…But what makes us so special? Aside from our incredibly dedicated and experienced team of professionals, a new survey has revealed that regional and national accents can also have an impact when dealing with customers over the phone.

This recent survey highlighted that those with a British accent came out on top beating a number of other countries to the No.1 spot; but it doesn’t stop there. Broken down even further the “Queen’s English” remains the preferred accent for call centres taking a massive 52% of the vote. Based in Kent it’s no surprise we were delighted with this news!

Glasgow came in second (with 34%) and the Geordie-twang third with 26% – we can’t help but feel Geordie duo Ant and Dec have helped raise the profile of this quirky British accent.

The survey went on to say organisations which use off-shore customer call centres in the belief that they are more cost-effective, should note that the poll revealed that 65% of Britons who have rung a call centre find non-British accents hard to understand.

This survey was carried out by YouGov for a business speech consultants company

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