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Precision dialling heralded as future

A new report has found that call centres will increasingly be using precision dialling over the coming years as they look to ensure that the correct consumers are targeted.  The news comes after Ofcom found that dropped and nuisance calls were plaguing customers, with telephone answering services urged to improve their performance.

In the latest Rostrvm Solutions “The future of outbound is precision dialling” report, it was found that this method resulted in higher break-through and success rates.  Precision dialling is a system where intelligence is gained to ensure that calls occur in the right place at the right time, and with the right message to attract the target’s attention.  Making such carefully coordinated calls can result in people sitting up and taking notice in a positive way, often leading individuals to follow through with calls and buy products or services.

Experts said that the findings also related to call centres who primarily deal with inbound traffic as many telephone answering services will still make follow up enquiries and return calls.  In addition, it is also useful for companies who are using outbound calls to continue a conversation initially started on social media.

With precision dialling looking set to be the future, this could be the end of redials to the same customer.  This means that not only will consumers be saved the nuisance of unwanted calls, but companies will also be able to save time and money.

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