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Powerful tips to increase agent activity

tips in letterpress wood typeIt is essential for all call centres to ensure agents are working at peak productivity. These employees are the front line of customer services, so they need work efficiently and provide optimised consumer care. There are several ways that telephone answering services can positively impact their staff, including offering praise and bringing gamification to the floor.

Team leaders should never underestimate the power of providing staff members with regular praise for a job well done. Taking the time to do this, particularly in a busy call centre environment, does not go unnoticed.

Meanwhile, adding some competition to the floor can be healthy and could motivate some agents to go above and beyond their normal productivity. There are many gaming options that can be used. For example, “hot potato” works similarly to pass the parcel. A timer is set and a tennis ball is passed around every time someone makes a sale. When the alarm sounds, the person with the tennis ball wins a prize.

It is also a good idea to offer agents training, even if a company cannot afford away days. Simply switching employees between campaign days provides a chance to improve their skillset whilst helping to break up their day.

Finally, agents must be given a chance to provide feedback. This can take place at meetings or through an anonymous survey box.

By creating a strategy to reward agents, companies can boost morale and increase productivity to benefit for the entire organisation.

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