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Power through peak periods with remote agents

Customer RepresentativeOne of the major challenges that call centres face is managing peaks and troughs in traffic. Agent scheduling is a crucial part of running an efficient operation, allowing telephone answering services to ensure they have enough agents manning contact channels to deal with any number of customers. For companies that want to meet high volumes of traffic with consistent quality, it is essential to utilise remote agents.

Flexible, remote workers can be a lifeline for call centres, offering businesses the chance to quickly boost their agent numbers to meet expected or sudden high demand. High volumes and fluctuations in contacts are part of everyday operations for businesses, but inbound calls can rise considerably during certain times of the month or year. For example, gyms can see a spike in numbers during January.

Using a cloud solution, call centres can engage with remote agents who are completely integrated into a firm’s system but do not need to be physically present. Many of these agents have also gained a better work/life balance from their flexible work, meaning they are more motivated. It is also easier to offer call centre services across longer opening times because agents are not confined by geographical location.

Peak periods can cause chaos for call centres if they are not properly prepared. This can result in long queue times and bad service, frustrating customers and leading to a drop in care quality. Utilising remote agents can help provide consistent and high-quality service.

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