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Power-charge your multi-channels by advertising contact details

Modern call centres have had no option other than to diversify, with consumers wanting far more channels than the traditional postal and telephone routes. In 2016, the multi-channel experience is set to be integrated into even more telephone answering services. However, if businesses are to see successful returns in this field, it is crucial to advertise contact details.

Companies can lose out on business because they have failed to let people know just how many channels are available. Webchat, email, in-app chat, and social networking platforms are just some of the modern ways for customers and call centres to communicate. However, if customers do not know about these options, they will not be able to use them.

The first step when setting up a multichannel approach to engagement is to tell customers about it. New data suggests that 60 per cent of people now start their customer journey online. This means that a call centre has to ensure all of their contact details are available.

Google My Business is a great place to start. A search engine will often be the first place someone looks for business details, so having all of those multichannel contact options available is crucial. Details can also be offered at the bottom of newsletters, business pages and websites.

Adding response time data can also help. For example, explaining that webchat has a lower wait time than the telephone can encourage people to try new channels.

For companies that want to make their multichannel approach more productive, advertising is essential.

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