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Postcode anywhere launches new Salesforce integration app

map pin pointWhilst a call centre‘s agents are the driving force for performance, the technology they are given is what brings about optimum efficiency and growth. Postcode Anywhere has now released a new app that integrates with Salesforce, allowing a lot of time to be saved when inputting customer data.

The data entry aspect of a telephone answering service can be a process that takes a long time. In addition, unless agents are good at multi-tasking, it’s a place where errors and inaccuracies can creep in. In the latest release from Postcode Anywhere, their Capture+ app not only utilises technology that is based on search engine auto-predict to find addresses, but it also seamlessly integrates with Salesforce.com to ensure details are entered quickly and without errors.

Guy Mucklow, Postcode Anywhere’s chief executive, said: “Maintaining high-quality contact data in CRM systems is a seemingly basic principle that can save considerable time and money, as well as improving customer service and brand perception. Good data is the backbone of any business and it can directly impact your bottom line, which is why getting it right has never been so crucial.”

Getting addresses right can be a vital part of a call centre’s processing. For example, Manchester City Football Club utilises the app to ensure tickets are sent to the right customers. This allows them to avoid wasting time and money rectifying problems, and it also means that fans aren’t emotionally distressed because tickets haven’t turned up. For companies wanting to excel in efficiency, Capture+ could be a great tool to utilise.

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