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Post-Call Audit Reveals Customer Experience


A post-call audit is the only way to truly determine the satisfaction levels call centre customers, according to a recent comment by industry boss Dave Paulding, as it provides “a real-time and realistic view of how they are feeling”.

Despite this, some companies are still reluctant to invest in post-call survey technology, but without some way of evaluating customers’ satisfaction, it is impossible to know what they are thinking.

In the current economic climate, it is critical for organisations to know how customers feel about the company’s services. “Perception of service levels is a major reason that customers churn, and retaining customers is cheaper than acquiring new ones.”

For most companies, the success of their contact centre is determined by “key performance indicators,” he says. The most important are reducing the time a customer spends in the queue and minimising the call abandon rate.

While it is important to measure these elements and get them right, companies need to guard against a false sense of security that their customers are satisfied. “The contact centre performance metrics might be good, but customers can still have a bad experience.

“The technology that can gauge the mood of the customer, in spite of what they might be saying, will soon be available,” he adds.

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