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Positive words increased call centre care

There are many ways to improve a call centre‘s customer care, including utilising better technology to speed the call process and training agents so they are educated on the products or services they are handling. However, a simple language change can also help, and telephone answering services that look at instilling positive language into every day calls can see significant changes for the better.

It has recently become clear that all channels can benefit from using better words. For call centres investigating their current use of language, there are some simple steps to help transform conversations so they come across more powerfully.

Firstly, it is important to write as agents speak. Sometimes, email or webchat responses can come across as too formal. For example, switching “If you purchased your product in store, press 1”, to “If you bought it in a shop, press 1” can result in improved First Contact Resolution (FCR).

Knowing power words is also important. The simple change from “any time” to “now” can have an almost immediate effect on increasing responses. It is also important to avoid toxic terms such as “talk”, “discuss” and “speak”. It is shown that callers will actively choose these options on menus, even if the department doesn’t match what they are calling about. This results in increased transfer times, which can impact on operational costs.

Finally, talking about the benefits of additional actions, such as visiting a website, is far better than simply tagging it on the end of a conversation. For example, explaining that product reviews can be found online is a better response than simply telling customers not to forget to visit a website.

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