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Positive experiences shared with friends by 61 per cent of consumers

Customer support, smiling young womanWord of mouth has always been very important, allowing customers to share good and bad experiences with people they know. Now, a new report has said that up to 61 per cent of people will tell friends about a good experience, highlighting the importance of providing an optimised and engaging service.

Optimising consumer care is high on the priority list for many call centres, with companies wanting to ensure that their users get the best service possible. A recent survey by Verint Systems questioned more than 18,000 people across nine nations. Whilst only 15 per cent of respondents believed that receiving a good service wouldn’t change their behaviour, 27 per cent admitted they’d likely sign up to loyalty schemes after experiencing good interactions. Meanwhile, 89 per cent of people said that good service made them more positive about brands, firms and telephone answering services.

Ovum’s Jeremy Cox explained: “This study is a wake-up call for brands looking to revamp their customer service to cater to today’s more demanding and better-informed customers. While brands have the ability to precision-target highly personalised communications for every single customer, the study shows what people around the world actually value most are the basics—questions answered with minimal effort on their part.”

Mr Cox added that businesses need to balance the fine line between providing a customised service while not coming across as too invasive into people’s lives.

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